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> > What's the area really like? -- I've heard good things, and bad things about
> I'm a resident, and I think its a great place. Lots of open space, easy
> access to both the town center and the A14, which you can get to within
> minutes. Not like the rabbit warrens on the other side of town, where you
> can be queuing for hours just to get in and out. Also near to Sainsburys
> and B&Q, which can save you loads of time for shopping trips,
> Paul

Well, I'll be a resident from about July time -- a fair few colleagues at work live there, and they only say good things about the place -- I've certainly not got any major concerns. There are still more houses to go up, but Persimmon have the land rights at the moment, as apposed to Bellway that have done the rest (1,200 dwellings) of the development. Hopefully they'll keep to the same level of quality of exteriors...

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